Energy Workshop

On Friday 24th January, the CBS welcomed a very special visitor to the school to launch the next step in their quest for a Green Homes Flag. Dr. Dorothy Stewart, Green Home Programme Manager for the entire country, travelled to Dundalk to give a series of workshops to all classes from 1st to 6th informing them of the importance of conserving Energy and the amount of energy we use in our homes .. Both 6th classes in the school are currently undertaking an energy study in their homes and we hope to use the results to further help reduce energy being wasted at home and at school. This study is the latest in a series of tasks the school has been involved with, in order to achieve Green Home status- for the past couple of years the school has played a very active part in the Go Dundalk Travel Programme and last year the 4th and 6th classes took part in activities to reduce litter. The 4th classes participated in the National Spring Clean while the 6th classes conducted a “Slim Your Bin” challenge. As you can see, the CBS are really doing their bit to help the environment- we hope you can help us!

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